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Analyst Certification

We, ABGSC Services Research, Simon Jönsson, Stefan Knutsson and Julia Sundvall, analyst(s) with ABG Sundal Collier ASA , ABG Sundal Collier Denmark, filial af ABG Sundal Collier ASA, Norge, ABG Sundal Collier AB and/or ABG Sundal Collier Limited (hereinafter collectively referred to as “ABG Sundal Collier”), and the author(s) of this report, certify that not withstanding the existence of any such potential conflicts of interests referred to below, the views expressed in this report accurately reflect my/our personal view about the companies and securities covered in this report. I/We further certify that I/We has/have not been, nor am/are or will be, receiving direct or indirect compensation related to the specific recommendations or views contained in this report.

This report is produced by ABG Sundal Collier, which may cover companies either in accordance with legal requirements designed to promote the independence of investment research (“independent research”) or as commissioned research. Commissioned research is paid for by the subject company. As such, commissioned research is deemed to constitute an acceptable minor non-monetary benefit (i.e., not investment research) as defined in MiFID II.

Analyst valuation methods

When setting the individual ratings for investment research (“independent research”), ABG Sundal Collier assumes that a normal total absolute return (including dividends) for the market is 8% per annum, or 4% on a 6-month basis. Therefore, when we rate a stock a BUY, we expect an absolute return of 9% or better over six months. Volatility and low trading volumes mean that we have a wider range for expected returns on small cap stocks than for large caps.

ABG Sundal Collier’s analysts publish price targets for independent research and may publish valuation ranges for commissioned research. These price targets or valuation ranges rely on various valuation methods. One of the most frequently used methods is the valuation of a company by calculation of that company’s discounted cash flow (DCF). Another valuation method is the analysis of a company’s return on capital employed relative to its cost of capital. Finally, the analysts may analyse various valuation multiples (e.g., the P/E multiples and the EV/EBITDA multiples) relative to global industry peers. In special cases, particularly for property companies and investment companies, the ratio of price to net asset value is considered. Price targets and valuation ranges are changed when earnings and cash flow forecasts are changed. They may also be changed when the underlying value of a company’s assets changes (in the cases of investment companies, real estate companies or insurance companies) or when factors impacting the required rate of return change.

Expected updates
ABGSC has no fixed schedule for updating its research reports. Unless expressly stated otherwise, ABGSC expects (but does not undertake) to issue updates when considered necessary by the research department, for example following the publication of new figures or forecasts by a company or in the event of any material news on a company or its industry.

Important Company Specific Disclosure

The following disclosures relate to the relationship between ABG Sundal Collier and its affiliates and the companies covered by ABG Sundal Collier referred to in this research report.

Unless disclosed in this section, neither ABG Sundal Collier nor any of their affiliated or associated companies and their directors, officers, representatives, and employees have any required regulatory disclosures to make in relation to an ownership position for the analyst(s) and members of the analyst's household, ownership by ABG Sundal Collier and/or its affiliates, ownership in ABG Sundal Collier Holding ASA by the company(ies) to whom the recommendation(s) refer(s) to, liquidity provision/market making agreement, managed or co-managed public offerings, compensation for provision of certain services, directorship of the analyst, or a member of the analyst's household, or in relation to any contractual obligations to the issuance of this research report.

ABG Sundal Collier is not aware of any other actual, material conflicts of interest of the analyst or ABG Sundal Collier of which the analyst knows or has reason to know at the time of the publication of this report.

This report has been prepared by ABG Sundal Collier ASA, ABG Sundal Collier Denmark, filial af ABG Sundal Collier ASA, Norge, ABG Sundal Collier AB and/or ABG Sundal Collier Limited and any of their directors, officers, representatives and employees (hereinafter collectively referred to as “ABG Sundal Collier”). This report is not a product of any other affiliated or associated companies of any of the above entities.

This report is provided solely for the information and use of professional investors, who are expected to make their own investment decisions without undue reliance on this report. The information contained herein does not apply to, and should not be relied upon by, retail clients. This report is for distribution only under such circumstances as may be permitted by applicable law. Research reports prepared by ABG Sundal Collier are for information purposes only. The recommendation(s) in this report is (are) has/have no regard to specific investment objectives and the financial situation or needs of any specific recipient. ABG Sundal Collier and/or its affiliates accepts no liability whatsoever for any losses arising from any use of this report or its contents. This report is not to be used or considered as an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy. The information herein has been obtained from, and any opinions herein are based upon, sources believed reliable, but ABG Sundal Collier and/or its affiliates make no representation as to its accuracy or completeness and it should not be relied upon as such. All opinions and estimates herein reflect the judgment of ABG Sundal Collier on the date of this report and are subject to change without notice. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

The compensation of our research analysts is determined exclusively by research management and senior management, but not including investment banking management. Compensation is not based on specific investment banking revenues, however, it is determined from the profitability of the ABG Sundal Collier group, which includes earnings from investment banking operations and other business. Investors should assume that ABG Sundal Collier ASA, ABG Sundal Collier Denmark, filial af ABG Sundal Collier ASA, Norge and/or ABG Sundal Collier AB is seeking or will seek investment banking or other business relationships with the companies in this report.

The research analyst(s) responsible for the preparation of this report may interact with trading desk and sales personnel and other departments for the purpose of gathering, synthesizing and interpreting market information. From time to time, ABG Sundal Collier and/or its affiliates and any shareholders, directors, officers, or employees thereof may (I) have a position in, or otherwise be interested in, any securities directly or indirectly connected to the subject of this report, or (II) perform investment banking or other services for, or solicit investment banking or other services from, a company mentioned in this report. ABG Sundal Collier and/or its affiliates rely on information barriers to control the flow of information contained in one or more areas of ABG Sundal Collier, into other areas, units, groups or affiliates of ABG Sundal Collier.

Norway: ABG Sundal Collier ASA is regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway (Finanstilsynet)

Denmark: ABG Sundal Collier Denmark, filial af ABG Sundal Collier ASA, Norge, is regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway (Finanstilsynet) and the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finanstilsynet)

Sweden: ABG Sundal Collier AB is regulated by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen)

UK: This report is a communication made, or approved for communication in the UK, by ABG Sundal Collier Limited, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the conduct of its business.

US: This report is being distributed in the United States (U.S.) in accordance with FINRA Rule 1220 by ABG Sundal Collier Inc., an SEC registered broker-dealer and a FINRA/SIPC member which accepts responsibility for its content and its compliance with FINRA Rule 2241. Research reports distributed in the U.S. are intended solely for “major U.S. institutional investors,” and “U.S. institutional investors” as defined under Rule 15a-6 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and any related interpretive guidance and no-action letters issued by the Staff of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) collectively (“SEC Rule 15a-6”). Each major U.S. institutional investor and U.S. institutional investor that receives a copy of this research report, by its acceptance of such report, represents that it agrees that it will not distribute this research report to any other person. This communication is only intended for major U.S. institutional investors and U.S. institutional investors. Any person which is not a major U.S. institutional investor, or a U.S. institutional investor as covered by SEC Rule 15a-6 must not rely on this communication. The delivery of this research report to any person in the U.S. is not a recommendation to effect any transactions in the securities discussed herein, or an endorsement of any opinion expressed herein. Any major U.S. institutional investor or U.S. institutional investor receiving this report which wishes to effect transactions in any securities referred to herein should contact ABG Sundal Collier Inc., not its affiliates. Further information on the securities referred to herein may be obtained from ABG Sundal Collier Inc., on request.

Singapore: This report is distributed in Singapore by ABG Sundal Collier Pte. Ltd, which is not licensed under the Financial Advisors Act (Chapter 110 of Singapore). In Singapore, this report may only be distributed to institutional investors as defined in Section 4A(1)(c) of the Securities and Futures Act (Chapter 289 of Singapore) (“SFA”), and should not be circulated to any other person in Singapore.

Canada: This report is being distributed by ABG Sundal Collier ASA in Canada pursuant to section 8.25 of National Instrument 31-103 or an equivalent provision and has not been tailored to the needs of any specific investor in Canada. The information contained in this report is not, and under no circumstances is to be construed as, a prospectus, an advertisement, a public offering or an offer to sell the securities described herein, in Canada or any province or territory thereof. No securities commission or similar regulatory authority in Canada has reviewed or considered this report, the information contained herein or the merits of the securities described herein and any representation to the contrary is an offence. Under no circumstances is this report to be construed as an offer to sell such securities or as a solicitation of an offer to buy such securities in any jurisdiction of Canada. Any offer or sale of the securities described herein in Canada may only be made in accordance with applicable securities laws and only by a dealer properly registered under such securities laws, or alternatively, pursuant to an applicable dealer registration exemption, in the Canadian jurisdiction in which such offer or sale is made.

This report may not be reproduced, distributed, or published by any recipient for any purpose whatsoever without the prior written express permission of ABG Sundal Collier.

Additional information available upon request. If reference is made in this report to other companies and ABG Sundal Collier provides research coverage for those companies, details regarding disclosures may be found on our website

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