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Invest in secured real estate loans with an average 10% annual return* through Kameo

Kameo offers an innovative and profitable investment approach, connecting investors directly with small and medium sized entrepreneurs and their real estate projects. Through Kameo’s investment platform, you can join thousands of others to collectively finance loans to a diverse array of Scandinavian real estate projects. These loans offer an average annual return of close to 10% and are secured either property collateral.

  • Competitive returns: Average return of close to 10% per year.
  • Choose the risk: Choose between different risk classes from A to E.
  • Transparency: Understand your investment with transparent loan objectives.
  • Predictable earnings: Through fixed interest rates and monthly interest payments.
  • Simple Diversification: Add variety to your portfolio by funding different types of projects.
  • Collateralized loans: Secured loans with Loan-to-value ratio below 75%

About Kameo

Kameo is an online investment platform that enables investors to invest in loans to small- and medium-sized businesses and real estate projects across Scandinavia. All loans on the platform are backed by security. So far, more than 65,000 investors have registered on Kameo’s platform. Investors receive monthly interest payments and loans are repaid through either monthly instalments or at maturity.

Lately, Kameo's platform has also attracted professional investors, such as capital funds from outside Scandinavia, to invest in loans for the Scandinavian real estate market.

A total of over 870 loans, amounting to close to SEK 5 billion, have so far yielded an average net return of close to 9% per year for the crowd. The annual return in 2023 has exceeded 10%.

Kameo has a license from the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority to operate as a payment service provider in Scandinavia. ABG Sundal Collier (“ABGSC”), the owner of, has been Kameo’s largest shareholder since 2019.


  • 10% average interest rate in 2023
  • 8.7% average historical interest rate
  • 65,000 registered investors
  • 282 million SEK in total interest paid
  • 879 real estate projects financed.
  • 17-month average approved loan duration
  • Monthly returns on interest transferred to your account

* Historical returns are no guarantee of future returns. Any investment is associated with risk, and the entire or parts of the invested amount can be lost.