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Niche staffing company

Uniflex is an authorised staffing company in the fields of industry, warehousing, construction, electricity, administration, sales and customer service. The company provides its services in three Nordic countries: Sweden, Norway and Finland. On 1 January 2018, Uniflex divested its German operations. Uniflex’s financial targets are growth above market with operating margins of 5%. For 2017, Uniflex blue collar constituted over 2/3 of the company’s sales.

Staffing companies in general are contracted as a flexible part of a company’s work force. Their services are therefore attractive when the economy is expanding and a quick addition of labour is needed in order to meet customer demand. Uniflex is therefore naturally sensitive to changes in the business cycle, and its high share of blue-collar staff is a factor that enhances this sensitivity. Moreover, the sector has low barriers to entry, which means that competition can increase quickly when profitability in the sector increases.

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