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Press release from the Annual General Meeting in Nolato AB (publ) 6 May 2024

16:15 / 6 May 2024 Nolato Press release

Nolato today, on 6 May 2024, held its Annual General Meeting. The meeting resolved in accordance with all proposals of the Board and the Nomination Committee.

The meeting resolved on a dividend of SEK 1.50 per share. The record date for the dividend is 8 May 2024. Payment of the dividend is expected to be made on 14 May 2024 through Euroclear.

The Board and the auditor
The meeting resolved on re-election of the Board members Fredrik Arp, Carina van den Berg, Tomas Blomquist, Sven Boström, Lovisa Hamrin, Åsa Hedin and Erik Lynge-Jorlén and new election of Klas Forsström as ordinary Board members until the next Annual General Meeting. Fredrik Arp was re-elected as Chairman of the Board. 

The registered auditing firm Ernst & Young Aktiebolag was re-elected as auditor, with authorized public accountant Joakim Falck as principal auditor.

The meeting further resolved on fees for board work and committee work in accordance with the Nomination Committee´s proposal, and that the auditor´s fee shall be paid in accordance with approved invoices.

The meeting resolved to adopt the income statement and balance sheet for the Company and the Group for the 2023 financial year. The meeting also resolved to discharge the members of the Board and the CEO from liability for their management of the Company´s affairs during the 2023 financial year.

The meeting resolved to approve the remuneration report.

The meeting resolved to authorize the Board – on one or more occasions and for the period until the end of the next Annual General Meeting – to resolve on new issue of class B shares.

The complete proposals are available on There you will also find the CEO´s recorded address to the meeting.

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