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Nolato updates the information about the data breache

07:48 / 15 November 2021 Nolato Press release

On 13 November, Nolato reported an intrusion that affected communication channels and operating systems, primarily in the European part of the business. The forceful measures taken immediately to isolate and minimize the impact have been successful. Nolato now assesses that the effects of the intrusion have been limited and no harmful encryption code has been found.

Efforts are now underway to gradually start up critical systems again and the assessment is that delivery disruptions should be able to be limited to the current week. The ambition is then to, as far as possible, produce to catch up with lost production and deliver to the customer during the coming weeks.

The intrusion has been reported to both the Swedish police and the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection.

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This information was distributed by MFN