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Formpipe Software AB carries out directed share issue in connection with acquisition

17:30 / 29 April 2024 Formpipe Press release

The Board of Directors of Formpipe Software AB (publ) ("Formpipe" or "the Company") has today, with the support of authorization from the Annual General Meeting on April 25, 2024, decided on a directed share issue of 40,296 shares in connection with the previously communicated acquisition of Dictymatec SARL.

The reasons for the share issue and the deviation from the shareholders' preferential rights are that the Company has acquired Dictymatec SARL. In connection with the acquisition, the Company has undertaken to make payment partly in the form of newly issued shares in the Company.

The subscription price has been determined according to the acquisition agreement at just over 28.56 Swedish kronor per share. The basis for the subscription price is the volume-weighted average price of Formpipe's share on Nasdaq Stockholm during the period from April 4, 2024, to April 10, 2024.

The share issue is directed to the seller Laurent Valatx. Payment is made through offsetting the seller's claim on the Company.

The share issue increases the total number of shares and votes in the Company by 40,296 shares and votes from 54,217,825 shares and votes to 54,258,121 shares and votes. The share capital increases by 4,029.60 Swedish kronor to 5,425,812.10 Swedish kronor. The share issue entails a dilution of the share capital and voting rights of approximately 0.07 percent.

"Formpipe is making this small but strategically important acquisition to increase our presence in the French, Spanish, and Latin American markets. Dictymatec also has experience with, among other things, the ERP system SAP, which gives Formpipe the opportunity to evaluate the attractiveness of our offering there," says Magnus Svenningson, CEO of Formpipe.

This is a translation of the original Swedish version. In the event of any discrepancies between the two versions, the original Swedish version shall take precedence.

Formpipe builds valuable relationships between data and people. Driven by our core values, since 2004 we have developed premium software that provides you with the right information, in the right context, at the right time. Every time.

We help over 5,500 clients worldwide to digitize and automate business processes. Together with our customers and partners, we co-create a digital society where people thrive. We have offices in Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, USA and Germany. Formpipe Software is a publicly listed company on Nasdaq Stockholm.

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