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Warrant program completed

19:00 / 17 November 2021 Doro Press release

At the Annual General Meeting on April 27, 2018, a warrant program for senior executives and employees of
Doro was approved. The warrant program offered Doro's employees the opportunity to
purchase stock options that give the holder the right to subscribe for new shares in Doro at a subscription price
of SEK 63.80 per share.

Today, a total of 327,932 shares have been subscribed within the framework of the warrant program. To
finance the subscription of new shares, some employees have sold a portion of their warrant holdings to
Accendo Capital, which in turn has converted its purchased warrants to new shares at the SEK 63.80 exercise price.

New share subscriptions will contribute SEK 20,922,061.6 in cash proceeds to Doro, corresponding to 327,932 new shares with a 1.4 percent dilution.

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