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CTT Systems

CTT Systems

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CTT receives Anti-Fuselage-Condensation system order to moisture protect 10 Boeing 737-800s

13:00 / 5 May 2021 CTT Systems Press release

CTT SYSTEMS AB (“CTT”), the market leader of aircraft humidity control systems, announces order to retrofit the Anti-Fuselage-Condensation-system in 10 Boeing Next Generation 737-800 aircraft at an existing airline customer that already has the system installed in its entire fleet of 34 Boeing 737 aircraft. Based on list price, the total order value is approx. 6.5 MSEK. System deliveries are scheduled to begin in Q3 and to be completed in Q4 2021.

The CTT Anti-Fuselage-Condensation system removes trapped water in blankets, keeps the crown area dry and prevents unwanted excess weight from water accumulation. Hereby, on every flight, airlines can operate with lower energy needs and less pollutant emissions.

“We are pleased to receive this Anti-Fuselage-Condensation system order," says Peter Landquist, Vice President Senior Advisor Sales. "This decision to moisture-protect aircraft is in line with our times, not to accept excess weight and unnecessary CO2 emissions. More and more passengers, owners and governments, require actions and measures that reduce CO2 emissions. During my long career at CTT, a kilogram of less excess weight onboard has never been “worth more” than it is today. Every kilogram counts!"

A 200 - 300 kg weight reduction on the Boeing Next Generation 737-800 aircraft generates the following advantages:

  • Reducing fuel burn with estimated 0.4 - 0.6% and
  • Cutting CO2 emissions with approx. 65 - 95 tons per aircraft per year with fuel savings of approx. 25,000 - 38,000 liters per year;
  • Higher operational reliability from significantly lowered moisture related faults in electrical equipment (reduced Out-Of-Service time and repair costs),
  • Lower rate of insulation blanket replacement.

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