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Clavister and BAE Systems showcased Cyber Armour capabilities of the CV90 IFV at Eurosatory

16:15 / 7 July 2022 Clavister Press release

To mitigate evolving cyber threats, BAE Systems Hägglunds and European cyber security specialist, Clavister, have been working together to further cyber harden its CV90 IFV solution. CV90 and the embedded AI-based cyber security solution were presented at the Eurosatory defence and security tradeshow in Paris from June 13-17. Eurosatory is one of the largest defence and security exhibitions, bringing together defence sector leaders, from armed forces and businesses to industry analysts.

Military platforms and weapons systems are increasingly digital and connected, while cyber-attacks are becoming more advanced and targeted. Cyber security needs to be embedded as an integral part of the development of new military platforms. BAE Systems first pioneered the use of digital systems for IFVs and is now taking the lead in developing purpose-built cyber resilience for CV90. For this, BAE Systems collaborated with long-term partner Clavister combining its battle-proven technology and decades of expertise in cyber security with the latest European research and advances in AI technology. As a result of this collaboration, CV90 is fitted with a new dimension of protection, Cyber Armour.

Cyber Armour constantly monitors all internal flow of communication within CV90 and proactively detects any attempted cyber breaches, thwarting them in real time. Advanced algorithms and a powerful AI-engine provide comprehensive cyber protection. The use of artificial intelligence also enables CV90 to be future-proof against evolving cyber threats.

“Digitalisation has accelerated significantly in the last 10 years. A modern combat vehicle is a node in a network and a sensor station. With all this increased connectivity, cyber security needs to be at the forefront of any organisation’s priorities. This is what we have been doing with Clavister and we are proud to say that CV90 is one the most secure IFVs on the market today. “, said Dan Lindell, Director at BAE Systems.

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