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Alcadon Group AB terminates incentive programme

21:44 / 23 March 2023 Alcadon Press release

Alcadon Group AB ("Alcadon" or the "Company") terminates the incentive programme 2019/2023:1-6, whereby six employees, including the CEO and CFO, subscribes for shares of a total of SEK 3 702 452 with the support of subscription warrants.

The incentive programme, based on subscription warrants of series 2019/2023:1-6 which Alcadon introduced at the Extraordinary General Meeting on July 10, 2019 with a term until April 2023, has now been terminated. In total, participants have subscribed for 134 929 new shares at a subscription price of SEK 27,44 per share.

In conjunction with the share subscription, and in order to enable subscription of new shares, Alcadon has repurchased a total of 171 071 of the unexercised subscription warrants in the programme from the CEO, CFO and two other participants, for a total purchase price of SEK 4 543 646. The purchase price for the repurchased subscription warrants have partly been used to pay for the newly subscribed shares by way of a set-off, and partly to cover the participants' tax effects for the sold warrants.

The repurchased subscription warrants of series 2019/2023:1-6 will be cancelled. The remaining unexercised warrants in the series will lapse.

Once the subscribed shares have been registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office, there will be a total of 21 722 570 outstanding shares and votes in the Company, and the share capital will amount to a total of SEK 1 049 677,37.

Stockholm, 23 March 2023

About Alcadon Group AB

Alcadon conducts operations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, the UK and Benelux. Since its inception in 1988, Alcadon has established itself as a leading supplier of data and telecommunications products and systems. 

Alcadon Group AB (publ), 559009-2382, Segelbåtsvägen 7, 112 64 Stockholm, Sweden

Tel: +46 8-657 36 00, E-mail, (

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