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Swedencare AB (publ) invest in production- and logistic center

13:00 / 14 March 2018 Swedencare Press release

Swedencare AB (publ) ("Swedencare") acquires manufacturing- and logistic premises on Ireland which significantly expands and improves the production as well as provide the group with a global logistics center.  After development of the unit in order to optimize the production and logistics the costs are not expected to exceed the current lease costs.  

Swedencare has acquired a factory unit in IDA Industrial Park, Waterford. The premises are more than twice the size of our current factory and one of the major benefits is that it is under one roof, whereas we currently operate out of 2 separate production and inventory units. The redevelopment is estimated to take approximately 7 months to refit the premises to bring it up to a GMP standard.  The total investment is expected to be approximately 6 MSEK and will mainly be financed from excess cash.   

"The acquisition provides Swedencare with the opportunity to develop flagship premises that can spearhead the Companies production and logistic activities in Ireland and several export markets all over the world. Furthermore, when finalized the cost of the new factory will not exceed our current lease costs despite providing us with a factory, customized to our needs, double the size!"

 - Håkan Lagerberg, CEO of Swedencare AB (publ).

About Swedencare 

Swedencare develop, produce, market and sell premium products on the global and fastgrowing market within animal healthcare for cats, dogs and horses. The product groups ProDen PlaqueOff and NutriScience are represented on approximately fifty markets in all parts of the world, including the headquarter in Malmö, five subsidiaries in the Nordics, United States, France, Great Britain and Ireland and through an external distribution network.  Swedencare's sales have increased significantly over the last few years with strong margins and results. The board of directors and the management have a wide and extensive experience of international marketing and sales.

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