Brighter defines market vision for Actiste until 2023 on 5 continents.

08:30 / 9 July 2018 Brighter Press release

Brighter AB (publ) has developed estimates of segment size and ideal target markets for the company's diabetes solution Actiste® Diabetes Management as a Service for 14 markets.

"These 14 markets are examples of potential target markets for us to penetrate. We weighed in barriers to entry, the size of the market, healthcare structure and how fast diabetes is spreading in the region. Seven of the 14 countries are featured on the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) list of the worlds top10 countries with the highest number of people diagnosed with diabetes, and 6 of them are expected to be on IDF's top list of worst-hit countries in 2045," says Brighter's CEO and founder Truls Sjöstedt.
Diabetes is one of the world's 10 most common causes of death and the number of patients is rapidly increasing worldwide, often in conjunction with fast economic growth in a region. The cost of treating diabetes is high and rises steadily. According to IDF, diabetes treatment was over $ 727 billion in 2017, an increase of 8% compared to 2015. One of the most important drivers for modernizing diabetes therapy is therefore to help patients to better manage their own treatment and to stimulate them to live healthy.
"Markets like the USA are mainly driven by financial concerns, as their healthcare costs need to be reduced. In the US, the health care costs now account for more than 17% of its GDP. Other markets are driven by geopolitical conditions and lack of "modern" health infrastructure, and those markets tend to view Brighter and Actiste as an opportunity to build a digital, cost efficient, secure and decentralized healthcare platform. This allows Brighter to develop different marketing strategies for individual markets and regions. Some markets will be penetrated with partners, others with Brighter's own sales force, and others through healthcare providers," says Truls Sjöstedt.
The 14 markets are shown in the table below. The target market vision indicates the estimated number of subscriptions of Actiste that is achievable, assuming market penetration within the segment reaches 30% within 5 years from market launch, in each respective market.

Market Population Number of Insulin Market Vision Actiste
Treated Diabetics
Australia                                        144,000  
24,000,000   480,000  
Brazil                            1,800,000  
207,000,000   6,000,000  
China                    13,440,000  
1,400,000,000   44,800,000  
Germany                                    896,400  
83,000,000   2,988,000  
Great                                    316,800  
Britain 66,000,000   1,056,000  
India                       9,360,000  
1,300,000,000   31,200,000  
Indonesia                              1,248,000  
260,000,000   4,160,000  
Kuwait                                            24,000  
4,000,000   80,000  
Mexico                              1,371,600  
127,000,000   4,572,000  
Saudi                                  660,000  
Arabia 32,000,000   2,200,000  
Sweden                                          51,000  
10,000,000   171,000  
Thailand                                    540,000  
70,000,000   1,800,000  
United                                        204,000  
Arab 9,000,000   680,000  
USA                            3,510,000  
325,000,000   11,700,000  

Total: 3,917,000,000 111,887,000 33,565,800

About Brighter

Brighter is a Swedish-based company that, from a unique IP portfolio, creates smart solutions for one of healthcare's biggest challenges: changing patient behavior. Chronic diseases such as diabetes are rapidly increasing, and account for an increasing share of healthcare costs globally. Brighter's Business Model and Multi-Sided Market Platform - The Benefit Loop™ - is based on the fact that many special interests create value for each other. By increasing access to valid health data, Brighter creates value for all stakeholders in the care chain: patients and their close associates, healthcare providers, research institutes, the pharmaceutical industry, and society as a whole.

About Actiste
Brighter's solution Actiste® handles most of the self-monitoring and treatment of insulin-treated diabetes in a single easy-to-use device. Measurement of glucose levels, insulin injection, and automatic logging and timing of all activity are done in a single unit. Actiste is connected via an autonomous and secure mobile connection, the information can be automatically shared with selected recipients through The Benefit Loop®, Brighter's open cloud-based service where data is collected, processed and analyzed.

Validated user-generated data, such as glucose levels or insulin doses, can be automatically transferred electronically to many different constituents. The patient selects when and how data is shared and who will have access to it. Through The Benefit Loop, different services can motivate patients with chronic illnesses to change their behavior, which can save lives, reduce relatives ' concerns, and release enormous healthcare resources. 

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