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New company at ABGSC - I-tech

08:00 / 6 oktober 2023 Article

Today ABG Sundal Collier sponsored research initiates coverage of I-tech. Read the full report here!

Inducing hyperactivity: a profitable fast grower


I-Tech develops and sells the performance ingredient Selektope, an active antifouling agent that is incorporated into marine paints to combat the growth of barnacles on ship hulls. This serves to significantly reduce fuel consumption, saving on costs as well as emissions. The company operates a highly scalable B2B business model, and completely outsources its production of Selektope to contract manufacturers allowing I-Tech to focus on sales, R&D and regulatory matters while ensuring a reliable supply chain. I-Tech has successfully established relations with major customers, with Selektope currently being integrated into the product portfolios of six out of the nine largest paint companies within the commercial and industrial shipping market.