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Introduce becomes ABGSC Commissioned Research

11:00 / 13 april 2022 Article



ABG Sundal Collier (“ABGSC”) acquired the commissioned research platform Introduce in 2018 from Remium. The commissioned research service is today a fully integrated part of ABGSC’s Nordic equity research offering and the platform will therefore now change name to ABGSC Commissioned Research.

“Our commissioned research is carried out by the same analysts that are doing our non-commissioned research and it’s an integrated part of our total research offering. We see it as a natural step to now rename the platform ABGSC Commissioned Research”, says Christer Linde, Co-head of Global Research at ABGSC.

ABGSC has a highly recognised research team, covering more Nordic stocks than anyone else in the market. In total 415 companies were covered by ABGSC as of year-end 2021 (100 of them are commissioned research). The ABGSC research team consists of about 55 analysts in Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen, and in 2021 the company took up new coverage of 71 Nordic stocks, of which 20 were commissioned research. Currently ABGSC cover around 100 companies 

“The interest in our commissioned research product continues to grow and we foresee that we will take up new coverage of several stocks this year, says Christer Linde.            

Although the commissioned research is an integrated part of ABGSC’s research offering, it still has some features that distinguish it from other research material. For example, the commissioned research lacks a target price and does not come with a recommendation to buy, sell or hold.

“Our commissioned research notes are not investment recommendations, but tools for investors to make better decisions and a service for companies to get better visibility”, says Christer Linde.

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