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New company at Introduce - Fastator

07:50 / 19 december 2019 Article

Today ABG Sundal Collier sponsored research initiates coverage of Fastator. Read the full report (53 pages) here!

Fastator - Large IPO opportunity in 2020

fastator start.jpg

Fastator is a Swedish investment company that focuses exclusively on the real estate sector. The company, which was founded in 2011, has been listed on First North since 2015. Fastator’s business model is to start, develop and invest in real estate companies. The company has three partly owned companies (Offentliga Hus, Nordic PM, GenovaFastator), and two wholly-owned subsidiaries (Industrisamhället and Point Properties). Joachim Kuylenstierna and Mats Lundberg founded Fastator and are still active as CEO and board member, respectively.