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New company at Introduce - Swedish Stirling

08:10 / 20 november 2019 Article

Today ABG Sundal Collier sponsored research initiates coverage of Swedish Stirling. Read the full report (31 pages) here!

Swedish Stirling - Creating electricity out of flared gas

Swedish stirling - start.png

The company was founded in 2008 by the current CEO Gunnar Larsson. Its main technology is the PWR BLOK, which is based on the Stirling engine technology. The technology creates electricity using heat as a fuel source, while not depending on internal combustion. This has enabled the company to develop a product that uses the heat produced by the flaring of residual gases as a fuel source. From that, electricity is produced, which enables the customer to lower operating costs. It also means that the customer doesn’t need to purchase as much electricity from the grid, which in emerging markets often means less dependence on coal-fueled power.

nyckeltal swedish stirling.png